S1:E37 Friends and Business Partners - Neighborhood Film Co.

S1:E37 Friends and Business Partners - Neighborhood Film Co.

On todays show we have Dan Walser!

Dan Walser is the Executive Producer at Neighborhood, a commercial production company based in LA and Philadelphia. His journey to producing is anything but typical. Dan graduated college with an English degree with no intention of pursuing a career in production. He spent 5 years teaching high school American Literature, then transitioned to the non profit sector, running a transitional living home for women and children struggling to overcome homelessness. 

Then, in 2012, he moved to Philadelphia to co-run Neighborhood, 6 months after it launched. His initial role was to conceive and oversee Neighborhood's apprenticeship program, which offers paid employment and career development for the formerly incarcerated. (Here is a TED talk from Director Ricky Staub, Neighborhood's Founder, about the apprenticeship: TED Talk // Business Without Boundaries.)

Through this process, Dan fell in love with the role of producing. More specifically, the opportunity to develop original pieces with emerging directors who have a vision to tell transformative stories about beauty in the midst of darkness. Dan has developed 2 widely acclaimed, Vimeo-Staff picked original projects alongside 2 amazing young directors, Dan DiFelice and Ricky Staub. 

In 2015, Dan developed and produced the Vimeo-Staff Picked Carved in Mayhem, directed by Dan DiFelice, which was a 2016 YDA Award Winner.

In 2016, Dan developed and produced the Vimeo-Staff Picked The Cage, directed by Ricky Staub, which was the Narrative Grand Prize winner at the 2017 Heartland Film Festival, which qualifies it for 2019 Oscar consideration.

Dan is now repped as a writer & producer at William Morris Endeavor, in pre-production on his first feature film. He lives in Ventura, CA with his wife Julia and their 3 boys.

Check out his website here:


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