Super Secret Film Challenge Entries!

Super Secret Film Challenge Entries!

When learning filmmaking, I always found motivation to be the hardest thing.

It was easy to watch other peoples work and wish you were working on something similar, but without any clients it was hard to just come up with things to shoot. When I started my Facebook group for filmmakers I knew I wanted to help people get over that hump, so I started running Film Challenges. I would create a set of parameters, a deadline, and put up some of my own gear as prizes. The number of entries vary based on how busy everyone is at any given point in the year, but I'm sure they'll continue to grow. I'm not sure how many challenges we've done now, but it continues to be one of my favorite things in our community.

We just finished our latest challenge, and now it's time for voting! If you'd like to submit a vote, fire an email to with the subject line CHALLENGE and name your favorite in the email. But first, I wanted to make sure you knew the parameters the contestants were given. 

GOAL - Participants must make a sports video - can be a team promo, a single athlete, a sports product etc. The goal is to make an overall compelling piece, so if your project is to highlight a product then the goal is to make it a compelling team promo overall, not just a cinematography montage. Winners will be voted on by the group, and won't be picked based on gear/budgets.

RULES - Pieces must incorporate the song linked below - composed by the wonderful Ben Winwood - this is not a license for this song for anything outside of the contest. Pieces must also be 30-120sec long, and keep it PG-13, we have young people in here hah.

To clarify again - though this is a "contest", the main goal is just to make something you might not make otherwise. It's an opportunity to solve problems and get better in an environment where failure is safe. I'm super proud of everyone who took time to make something for this, and excited to see what we get for the next one.


Entry 1: Vlad Popov

ENTRY 2: Vance Whiteman

ENTRY 3: Max Haben

ENTRY 4: Ray Lin

Entry 5: Jim Shields

Entry 6: Bob Schulein

Those are our entries! I'm looking to get the next challenge going soon, but would love suggestions on what the parameters/theme should be. I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who partcipated, and a special thanks to Ben Winwood for letting us use his song in the contest! Check out Ben's work, he's an amazing composer.

What should the next film challenge be about? If you're interested in participating, shoot me an email or a message on facebook.

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